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3 min read

The Alumni Connection

Written by Ashutosh Lembhe , a year ago

Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is very crucial in your college days as they are the ones who will help you through the first glimpse of college life, selecting subjects, teachers, college hacks, and whatnot. An alumni network will work as your mentors and will update you about the placement, internships and other social events happening in the college.

3 min read

Best College-Cultural Fests in India

Written by Gundu Roja , a year ago

This is the list of some of the top college cultural fests in India.

2 min read

How to search for Internships

Written by Samriddhi Ganguly , a year ago

Amidst the lockdown boredom, there is a rising fear and anxiety among the student community about the impending job-pocalypse and the possibility of losing the opportunity of Summer Internships. But why worry when your Resume/CV boosting internships are only a click away?

3 min read

How to Earn during Quarantine

Written by Barnika Bhandari , a year ago

People have been seeking out other alternatives to earn some money during lockdown, and here are a few of them which could benefit interested students!

2 min read

A Stroll Around the Campus

Written by Samriddhi Ganguly , a year ago

Blessed indeed was Tagore. For he had the liberty to go beyond the specified norms and regulations of his school. The brick and mortar…

2 min read

Whats College Life?

Written by Barnika Bhandari , 2 years ago

A Complete Guide for Freshers ;)

2 min read

A Forget-Me-Not Episode

Written by Samriddhi Ganguly , 2 years ago

College Life - The perfect mixture of Fun and Productivity