How to Earn during Quarantine

April 30, 2020


The onset of a global pandemic may have confined us to the boundaries of our household and hindered our ability to step outside, but this window of time has also proved to be an opportunity for college students to channelize their creativity and brush up on some skills.

In a similar fashion, people have been seeking out other alternatives to earn some money during lockdown, and here are a few of them which could benefit interested students!

  1. Freelance Writing Students who believe they are capable of writing well, coupled with impeccable grammar and investigative skills could always opt for this avenue. The only requirements include a stable internet connection and a laptop/desktop. There is a plethora of online freelancing sites, a majority of which seek people eager to write blog posts, academic essays and copies for web pages.
  2. Blogging This is one of the best options for students who wish to write content for any arena of life they are particularly interested in, such as short articles, photography, music, sports amongst other fields. This alternative is self paced and once traffic is generated, various ways of monetization can be used, such as placing ads on your blogging site.
  3. Tutoring Joining an online tutoring platform is often a good way to spread your knowledge to people who want to acquire it, while brushing up on your own skills. Online sites like these are always on the lookout for efficient and well-versed people willing to teach others, and this can help students earn money from home. Students can browse through opportunities from websites like, and and look for openings which suit their area of expertise.
  4. Data Entry Not a job that demands a lot, these tasks only need you to have basic computer knowledge with quick and accurate typing skills. A majority of students use these jobs to make a little money on the side and a typical data entry job requires data to be typed out in a proper manner for customers. Websites which can help students look for jobs in this area are,, and various others.
  5. Filling Out Online Surveys A simple job that requires students to fill out online surveys published by research companies looking for ideas that they may pitch to bigger companies, this has been around for quite some time and is a very common option students opt for. Payment is done on the basis of per questionnaire. A few sites where students can get started on include,, and a lot more.
  6. YouTube YouTube is a very well known platform where creators can upload unlimited videos on their channel and easily reach out to millions of people through the interface. Students can upload videos of them playing instruments, singing, dancing, cooking, explaining useful concepts amongst so many other categories. After a certain number of subscribers are acquired, they can monetize their channel in various ways.
  7. Internships The most commonly sought after method to earn money for students has always been internships, and with the advancement of technology, they can browse through profiles that best suit their skills and talents and apply accordingly. Websites like Linkedin, Internshala and are some of the highly preferred websites where students can find part time, work from home internships and get working.

Thus, the lockdown should not keep you from trying out new ways to earn money and spend your time productively, from the comfort of your home!

Barnika Bhandari

Written by Barnika Bhandari
An avid reader and blogger, she enjoys painting as well. Having spent most of her childhood travelling across India, she is affable and has a bubbly personality. Production Engineering UG-1 Jadavpur University