Whats College Life?

April 27, 2020

A Complete Guide for Freshers ;)

‘College Life’, ah! Two words, yet so much that they hold to unravel! While for a few, these words are the ticket to a nostalgic trip down memory lane, for others, they predict mixed emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety, hope to uncertainty. Stephen King once said “Get busy living, or get busy dying”, and while we certainly don’t dwell upon the more morbid aspect of the quote, how exactly does college serve to be the transition from our bubble wrapped childhood to our foray into the world we were so keen on exploring since we could consciously imagine?

Home is where the heart lies, and this couldn’t be more true for a student attending a college with bustling events, drama and friend circles. They always want to be aware of what is going on in the different nooks and crooks of their campus, and curiosity is one of the primary human instincts one can barely contain.

College is like a trial version of what you can expect to face once you’re out in the ‘big, bad world’ all by yourself. Interactions with a lot of different people occur and peer pressure is a phenomenon that some students have to go through. The primary crux of many coming of age or college centric movies is based on the emotional and mental evolution of the lead characters, which is what makes them so relatable to watch. A higher educational institution often helps students explore the streamlined options they could pursue as careers depending upon the respective subjects they’re studying.

Many teenagers often end up leaving home to study further, and experience homesickness. A slightly overlooked aspect of this situation is that a lot of them don’t have strict monitoring of their activities, and herein lies an individual decision of immense magnitude; whether they would choose to abuse this newly found freedom, or use it to their benefit. College life is stereotypically portrayed as a wild ride of unusual experiences and experimental ventures, and a lot of myths have to be debunked as a predictable result.

The biggest myth would probably be the one that suggests you don’t have to study in college. It isn’t true unfortunately and a lot of students do have to struggle with the last minute cramming of the topics taught in college, the night before the exam. However, it is often adopted as a lifestyle, since a lot of subjects have to be studied only for one semester.

Coming to a conclusive point of view, it wouldn’t be fair to generalise everybody’s college experience yet a few things can be universally acknowledged. The bonding people experience with their friends in college is something that truly boasts of having the potential to last an entire lifetime. The competitive spirit in college is laid back, but present nonetheless. It is not cool to not be doing anything as extra-curricular activities. Students often get a taste of what their future jobs would demand from them by means of internships. College fests are memorable, and organizing them not only increases your contacts and managerial skills, but also lets you enjoy and appreciate the various talents others have to showcase.

Finally, it would be understandable to end this narrative by stating that no two college experiences are alike, and there is no richer alternative to this chapter in one’s life!

Barnika Bhandari

Written by Barnika Bhandari
An avid reader and blogger, she enjoys painting as well. Having spent most of her childhood travelling across India, she is affable and has a bubbly personality. Production Engineering UG-1 Jadavpur University