A Stroll Around the Campus

April 28, 2020

Blessed indeed was Tagore. For he had the liberty to go beyond the specified norms and regulations of his school. The brick and mortar structure alone could not have made him produce creative masterpieces. And who likes to be bound by limitations of time and syllabus? Can learning be deep enough if it is chained within a syllabus? No. Find out your talents and hone your skills in a lively way and utilise your campus life.

College campus. This phrase in itself embodies a gamut of emotions and memories. With college life comes freedom. Along with it, strides in duties and responsibilities of skill and personality development.

Meander along the college campus and you will catch glimpses of a guitar humming, ideas taking shape, raging debates over socio-political issues, clubs busy in organising events and a hub of activities in every nook and corner. Explore your college and develop your soft skills augmented with entertainment and cherishable memories.

Does the thought of speaking in front of a packed up auditorium or convincing those on the other side of the table send a chill down your spine? Your college clubs will come to the rescue and lessen your frenzy of facing the public. Interacting with a motley group of students from other departments and backgrounds will expose you to a spectrum of diversities. The melange of their culture, ideas and opinions will widen your ken of analysis and knowledge. Participation in events will further escalate your confidence and experience of public speaking, event management, multitasking and an array of skills that will help you have the edge.

The myriads of clubs and societies under the umbrella of the college offers you the opportunity of skill development like none other. Boost up your communication skills by engaging in interactive debates. Voice out your opinions and ideate with a team for the progress of your club. Your GD classes may be drab, but these passionate discussions are not. Assume positions of responsibility and indulge in teamwork. Unfurl the leader in you as you brainstorm with your club members and guide them to the next step of advancement.

And lo! Your CV boasts of your interpersonal soft skills you have acquired by merely following your passion, being a part of a club or an event, that met your interest.

Give an edge to your personality. Sharpen up your body language, conversational power and soft skills. Whether you organise events or preside over meetings to discuss about future goals of the club, whether you participate in the events or stay active in the organising teams, you will learn skills that will be treasures in the days to come. Academia, coupled with your extra-curricular activities, gives leverage to your CV. Utilise the opportunities that your college clubs offer and create memories and a CV, worth remembering.

Through alumni contact or striking up collaborations with corporate giants for sponsorship, stay involved in your college events. Feel the satisfaction of successfully hosting an event, simultaneously building up your soft skills. Overcome your stage fright or the fear of addressing the public at large. Participate in debates, dance, music, painting, photography or any other event that lets you flaunt your creative vent of mind. At the end, a confident and passionate individual will be eked out of you. Be a holistic person, with academics and co curriculars going hand in hand. College life opens up a vista of opportunities for you to explore. Make learning fun and memorable. It’s only with the 3 C’s- Clarity, Conviction and Confidence, that your soft skills dazzle among the rest. The cubs and events go a long way in building a desirable personality. Delve into your college life and transform the mediocrity of skill development into melody.

Samriddhi Ganguly

Written by Samriddhi Ganguly
Addicted to the smell of books and retro music, she is afflicted with the old world charm. She is an enthusiastic blogger and loves to explore and venture into the unknown. Production Engineering UG-1 Jadavpur University