The Alumni Connection

May 12, 2020

We are all going to be the Alumni of our colleges someday but before being one you should know one. For undergraduate freshers and other year students, this can be a friendly introduction to the art of networking and often the very first social interaction in your college to know about it more.


Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is very crucial in your college days as they are the ones who will help you through the first glimpse of college life, selecting subjects, teachers, college hacks, and whatnot. An alumni network will work as your mentors and will update you about the placement, internships and other social events happening in the college.


1. Connecting with Professors

Fellow alumni of your campus will have lots of connection with your professors and faculty which help you a lot in terms of getting research work, project work under them. This will also help you in your academic career for getting a Letter of Recommendation. This is how I got my first research work under the faculty after my alumni recommended me. This will also help in some academic relaxation while submitting assignments and other works.

2. Mentorship and Guidance

Talented alumni are likely to have a wealth of experience and skills to share with current students via talks and meets and are most likely to guide a student through their area of expertise on what subjects and courses you should choose and do to get a better knowledge and technical experience and will also get you enrolled in some technical teams in your college to further guide you on it and other than that they will also guide you through the placement preparations and opportunities.

3. Wider Professional Network

This professional network of help you to meet the professional persons working in the industry where you will be able to build your career contacts and often these networks will only help you to land a good internship offer in your 3rd or 2nd year, where your grades despite being good won’t help you get an offer but a good recommendation from your alumni will 100% help you get a good internship and make contacts in the industry.

4. Targeted Career Services

Alumni often provide a wealth of career services to help former students find job opportunities and improve their chances of landing a job offers. During career fairs and placement sessions, alumni can bring together employers from around the area, and sometimes further, so that graduates can meet company representatives face-to-face. And also, alumni give career counseling and also help in to make a resume and cover letter assistance to help graduates put their best foot forward.


1. Find them on Professional platforms

The best way to connect to the college alumni of your respective field is to find them on LinkedIn, most of the final year and pre-final year students have their account on LinkedIn searching them by college name will get you instant results. Plus, before connecting to an alumnus and asking them doubts one can check his expertise and connect accordingly. This will also help you to have a professional LinkedIn network.

2. Create an Alumni Association Group

Creating an alumni association group on any platform such as WhatsApp or any other platform will be the most beneficial this will help you create a mixed pool of alumni from various streams and will you get opinions and other valuable information as mentioned above. Some simple steps to create an association:

a) Gather their college email-id from your respective college faculty and send out emails regarding the association.

b) Request or ask them to volunteer to this noble cause of yours. Once agreed ask them their expertise and their branch and divide them according to it.

Bonus point: You can now connect more easily to your college alumni through Campus 24 as we provide you a professional platform and a dedicated section of ALUMNI BOOST for you guys to reach out to your alumni and other colleges happenings.

Ashutosh Lembhe

Written by Ashutosh Lembhe
I like to research about technology and stay updated with it. I also like reading books on mystery and spy genre and I am an enthusiastic blogger. Vellore Institute of Technology