A Forget-Me-Not Episode

April 26, 2020

Campus Life

From the façade at the entrance to welcome you on the very first day to the convocation ceremony when you finally step out as a graduate, it spans a magic life that will sweetly cling to you for years to come. A gang of fresh, young faces, with ideas to explore, adventures to experience and dreams to share, campus life is dynamic enough to leave an indelible impression on your senses. And here we are! Campus 24 opens up a vista of opportunities for you to make your college days the most memorable period of your life! From showcasing talents to connecting you to your alumni, serving as a platform for confessions and demands, sharing class notes or at times merely providing the ambience of a mellow gossip, this all-encompassing app would keep your sprawling college campus at your fingertips.

Bide your talent and let it dazzle in your star-studded campus. Campus 24 is on the venture to scoop out the hibernating sparkling diamonds in you. Post your accomplishments, creative masterpieces and skills and make your campus go wow with your aura. Get a chance to be featured as the Star of your Campus. Show us your talent and we will make you shine!

Ever wanted to confess to someone but too shy? Campus 24 lets you express yourself and allows you to state your opinions anonymously. So feel free to confess and suggest changes to better your campus, using the confession page of our app. Worry not! Your identity will remain completely anonymous.

Hey! It’s semester time and you are rummaging through WhatsApp media for notes or busy pestering your friend and seniors. Here you go! Presenting before you a lucid solution to the last moment exam preparation. Campus 24 comes armed with a well-arranged directory containing notes, class lectures, previous year question or any document important to your department ,just upload it! Access them and calm down your fretting nerves. Boost up your enthusiasm with those sharing similar interests as yours. Be it preparation for competitive examinations, PUBG groups or enthusiasm in robotics, align with the birds of the same feather. Get in touch with new faces of your college, ideate, innovate, engage in group study and come out with flying colours. Don’t forget to breathe out a sigh of gratitude to Campus 24 for providing you the forum to connect with like-minded students.

Attention alumni! Want a taste of home sitting from your office room? Want to get back the lively days of college? Chime in with the events of your college and engage in engrossing conversations with your batchmates, juniors and seniors on the community page of Campus 24. Relive the days of your youth, recreate your campus life memories. You will hear yourself murmuring “Hey it’s good to be back home again” :‘)

Your campus, your college. Kindle your desire to explore and we will make your journey memorable. Fall in love with your campus life and let ‘US’ take care of your troubles. Campus 24 puts your entire college in a capsule. With millions of dynamic emotions awashing thousands of students, intertwined with unbreakable bonhomie, last minute preparations, 24*7 updates about the campus, it brings together students of diverse spectrum under one logo, one bondage, one motto- Unity.

Samriddhi Ganguly

Written by Samriddhi Ganguly
Addicted to the smell of books and retro music, she is afflicted with the old world charm. She is an enthusiastic blogger and loves to explore and venture into the unknown. Production Engineering UG-1 Jadavpur University